Quality of Life
Quality of Life Richard Polk, city council member, recently asked (Daily Camera, 1/4/2006) concerning the development of the Transit Village:
"Will this project make life better for the people in Boulder who already live here?"
We emphatically believe that this question should also be asked of the proposed Hogan/Pancost development. Not only will this development not make our life better, it will bring a host of negative impacts to the surrounding neighbors.

There are not many areas within the city where people can live near open space in reasonably priced housing. With west side Boulder housing prices approaching Bill Gates levels the Keewaydin Meadows/Greenbelt Meadows area is one of the few relatively affordable places within the city that is adjacent to open lands.

This area is used by hundreds of people a day as they walk, bike and run on the adjacent trails and paths. This is one of the most popular recreational areas in the entire city. As you come around the corner from the Recreation Center the views are stupendous:

From 55th Street Looking West

The agricultural nature of the area allows our children to get a glimpse of what the Boulder Valley and the west was once like. Even with the Open Space and Mountain Parks land there are not many places adjacent to neighborhoods and parks that allow our children to have these kinds of experiences.

In the end we need to ask ourselves what's best for Boulder and the surrounding neighborhoods, this:

Or this:




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